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Ethical and friendly dental team, We aim to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We have the skill and ability to make your visit totally pain free. 

Do you have a build up of plaque? Not sure? Are your teeth not as white as you think they should be? We offer teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry and of course general check-ups. There are many forms of dental care, we recommend a dental check once a year.



Are you suffering from constant aching or pain? Are your wisdom teeth causing excessive discomfort as they grow out? You may need a tooth extraction. Don't be concerned, tooth extraction doesn't mean tying a string around your tooth, to a door and then closing it; our procedures are carried out in the gentlest of methods.


You may not be aware but the best time to have a filling is before you feel discomfort or pain.  If you leave things too long we may not be able to save your tooth. We can provide the procedure without anyone knowing, your filling will blend in so much even you will not be able to pick it.


When a filling is not enough you may need a crown replacement, this involves replacing the top part of the tooth, from above the gum line. Our methods are gentle and effective, you will be surprised how good your teeth will look after replacing a damaged, broken or decayed crown.


If you're suffering from missing teeth and the inability to enjoy eating, then we can help you with a set of dentures. There are various types and the dentures for you will be based on your current situation. Our team can provide the right advice on which dentures will best suit your lifestyle.
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If you’re looking for advice or need to make an appointment,
then contact us today, we can help ( 06) 8681995
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